American Conservative has a simple mission…

At American Conservative, I want this to be a place where all conservatives in America can gather together to discuss important things of the day, without the fear of being shadow banned, temporarily banned, permanently banned, etc., just for posting their personal opinions.

If you are completely fed up with Facebook and Twitter doing all sorts of stuff to you, just because of your opinions, then you will enjoy coming here often.

Thank you for visiting American Conservative and please spread the word!

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American Conservative


Since there is so much discrimination and hate against conservatives on Facebook or Twitter, as of April 8, 2018, I refuse to be on either of these social media platforms. You should do the same to send a message to these two liberal/socialist/communist entities.

It has become absolutely sickening, especially on Twitter, having to open another account just to stay in touch with good people. I refuse to play along with their stupidity.