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Written by James Rhodes
Published on July 4, 2018

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Social media… We both love it and hate it for various personal reasons. Almost everyone uses social media from Facebook to Twitter daily on a computer, tablet or smartphone. For the most part, we find social media helpful to keep in touch with our families, friends and other people that think the same way we do. Whether we want to admit it or not, we like to congregate with people that think just like ourselves.

There are many situations where social media has been able to shine in helping out our fellow human beings in need. Social media has been used extensively to help save lives in emergencies and natural disasters. Also, social media can help to promote crowd-funding situations where a person needs financial help for extreme situations completely out of their control. If we have had a similar situation pop up in our personal lives, we can relate to people undergoing any kind of hardship. Our natural instinct is to want to help the person, and social media can easily help to promote the crowd-funding request.

Social media can do much good in this world, but unfortunately it has become a toxic cesspool of discrimination and ridiculous stupidity when it comes to being a conservative trying to discuss any topic amongst the Left (which I define as liberals/socialists/communists) out there on the Internet. Especially with Facebook and Twitter!

For example, consider the ever-controversial Twitter. With Twitter, if you are a conservative you can be shadow banned, temporarily banned or even permanently banned merely for expressing your God-given right to free speech to the snowflake leftists. Shadow banning needs a bit of explaining here.

According to Wikipedia, “shadow banning is the act of blocking a user or their content from an online community such that the user does not realize that they have been banned.”1 This means that people following you are not seeing any content (audio, text, video) that you are posting to your social media account. Likewise, content from anyone you follow is not showing up in your timeline when they are shadow banned on Twitter.

On Twitter you will be shadow banned if you post anything that remotely illustrates the truth in daily life from abortions to women’s rights. Twitter will then actively ban you from liking or posting any content if you have caused any snowflakes to melt.

Personally, I was temporarily banned for 12 hours on Twitter for posting to the comedian, Steven Crowder, that he should create a skit of him boxing with the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, because I know that Trudeau has had boxing matches in the past. Yes, the fact that I got banned for suggesting this is absolutely illogical and utterly ridiculous. This is the level of stupidity we are dealing with here at Twitter in 2018. Anything that triggers a person is a ban-worthy offense to the perpetually-triggered snowflakes.

Then I was temporarily banned for one week for openly calling out some Muslims on the realities of Islam, that well-known “religion of peace.” Apparently, they did not like to read the hard truth on Islam. Apparently, neither did the poor politically-correct triggered souls at Twitter.

Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter, apparently is blind to what is happening on Twitter. On March 1, 2018 he posted this…

Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter

In theory, this is a nice situation that is full of fairy-sprinkled dust and rainbows everywhere, but actual reality is quite disturbing. Jack Dorsey thinks all conservatives must be civil on Twitter, but the perpetually-triggered snowflakes on the Left do not have to be civil. Somehow, in my mind that does not seem very fair. This is easily demonstrated daily on Twitter. Just go read postings on Twitter showing the complete hate the Left has for anyone on the Right.

There was a time where people from the Left and Right could discuss a topic and just agree to disagree. Now, the online environment is so toxic, many people are avoiding the use of Twitter altogether. I am one of those people that refuse to open another account, recreate follower/following lists, etc. just to have some personal satisfaction that someone “liked” something that I posted in the Twitter universe. My life is not that shallow that I need the daily drug of what Twitter dispenses. If you want to know the truth, I think it is a complete waste of time because no one is seeing your any of the content that you post. Remember the Borg in Star Trek – The Next Generation? Resistance is definitely futile with Twitter.

While I am one to never be quiet about my constitutional rights being infringed, I have called out Jack Dorsey on the ridiculous situation at Twitter. Eventually, I was permanently banned from my main account and even my personal account once they were able to link the two. It is quite evident that Jack Dorsey does not care what any conservative thinks about what Twitter does to them even if it is actually discriminatory by infringing on a person’s right to free speech whether it be delivered via the written word or live/recorded video.

Twitter has repeatedly ignored complaints about the Left attacking conservatives by threatening to harm them, and their family members, friends, etc. Dana Loesch, the conservative radio host and NRA spokeswoman, has spoken and written about people threatening to physically harm her, her husband, Chris, and even her children for simply posting about 2nd Amendment gun rights, abortion, etc. This is a completely unacceptable way to behave in society even if it is online without face-to-face interaction.

Facebook is not much better than Twitter. On March 6, 2018, I was absolutely stunned to receive this pedophilia-infused survey from Facebook when I logged into Facebook. See the screenshot below, courtesy of Jonathan Haynes from the Guardian.2


Absolutely unbelievable! After I got over my initial shock, I decided to close my personal Facebook account at the beginning of April after notifying all of my friends and followers. To give them ample warning, I posted a message that they could find me on GAB or via email after my account was going to be shut down permanently.

Personally, I think all conservatives should just leave Facebook and Twitter all on a particular day. If everyone on the Right left both of these liberal/socialist/communist social media platforms, perhaps it would send them both into financial ruin.

I find it amazing that some people will remain on either Facebook or Twitter, thus compromising their belief system, just to remain liked by people, etc. When Twitter shadow bans a person, no one or hardly any of that person's followers are seeing whatever that person is posting, so it is absolutely pointless to remain on Twitter. It is most definitely a complete waste of precious time that could be better utilized.

As a Christian (Lutheran), I am acutely aware of the fact that the Internet can be used for good but also for evil purposes. With this in mind, I cannot honestly support any social media platform, like Facebook and Twitter, that enables pedophilia. I am going to be as straightforward as possible here. Pedophiles are utterly demonic. By allowing pedophiles to post their sick views on Facebook and Twitter, both of these social media platforms are driving good people away from them in droves. Simply put, I refuse to be part of it just for social acceptance.

What social media alternatives are available to the banned and banished of Facebook and Twitter? GAB, the free-speech alternative, at https://www.gab.ai is one such alternative. There are others such as Minds (https://www.minds.com) and MeWe (https://www.mewe.com), but I am seeing many conservatives heading to GAB. After taking a look at Minds and MeWe, I decided to open a personal GAB Pro account and a regular account with a handle I use online.

GAB is similar to Twitter, but at GAB no one is going to hold your hand to navigate anything on GAB. Normally on GAB, you have 300 characters for any posting, but if you subscribe to GAB Pro (monthly or yearly) you can exceed the 300-character limit. Plus, you can create content for GAB TV.

There are idiots at GAB just like I have found on Facebook and Twitter. What do you do? It is really quite simple – mute them. You can permanently mute someone by following this little method that ensures you never see anything from a person you do not want to infect your timeline.

1. Follow the person
2. Mute the person
3. Unfollow the person

For some reason, GAB’s regular way of muting someone (clicking on the ellipsis of any person’s post to mute the person) still seems to let muted people’s posts through, and I have verified this myself through extensive testing. By following the method above you will ensure that you will never see the posts from a person that you would like muted.

It's nice being on GAB without being constantly called a "Russian bot" like I've been called several times when I was on Twitter. There is freedom at GAB.


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